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Welcome to DEI LEGACY


This website is intended to help spread the holistic knowledge of the Divine Creation, our humanity, the contemporary interrelations and the turning point at the millennium change into the 21st century with the aim of providing clarity, hope and courage.

The divine legacy slumbers within each one of us, waiting to be recognized and used, because it represents enormous potential offering nearly unlimited possibilities. However, to tap into this potential, we must get to know our divine matrix and our original history beginning the creation of all that is by the loving Creator.

Only then can we understand what is really going on at the turning point that is upon now and only then can we recognize the interrelations and the “invisible” powers of light and darkness. This overall picture enables us to form a new consciousness with an eye towards individual and perhaps even collective enlightenment. This is how we will survive the turning point around 2012, despite all the fear-inducing, apocalyptic scenarios currently being offered. 

This website offers you brief look at the research work we have conducted in the past 12 years as well as excerpts from the book. Be sure to also watch the video, which contains the most essential information from DEI LEGACY.

We wish you a thrilling peek behind the curtains of the DEI LEGACY!

Rico Paganini and the EVOL Team